Distillations of Memory — The Present Creates
the Future


Passing, oil on canvas, 60x48" 2010 (sold)

Traversing 9th Street, oil on canvas, 48x60" 2010 (sold)

As It Is Now, oil on canvas, 60x48" 2013 (sold)

Ever Onward To The Sea, diptych, oil on canvas, 60x96" 2013

Self Portrait Expecting, oil on linen, 36x24" 2011

Recalling That Moment Dec. 7, 2011, oil on canvas, 48x60" 2012

And Then It Happened, oil on linen, 24x36" 2012 (private collection)

So I Let Him Out Into The World, oil on canvas, 30x40" 2014

Observing Culpability, oil on canvas, 36x48" 2014

Awaiting, oil on canvas, 48x60" 2014 (sold)

Self Portrait Looking Out, oil on linen, 36x36" 2013 (sold)

Dreams Of McQueen, oil on linen, 36x24" 2015

And Then There Was A Perfect Silence, oil on linen, 48x36" 2013

Inner World, Outer Self, oil on linen, 24x18" 2015

Ambivalence, oil on linen, 18x24" 2015 (sold)

Her Memory Had Distorted It, oil on linen, 24x36" 2016 (sold)
Dreams and Desires: On Collecting Katelyn Alain
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